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Why should your organisation consider talent pipelining?

Talent pipelining is a recruitment strategy that focuses on identifying and nurturing potential candidates for future job openings within a company. This approach allows companies to proactively build a pool of qualified candidates, reducing the time and resources needed to fill open positions.

Here are a few ways that a company can benefit from talent pipelining:

1. Time saving: By building a pipeline of potential candidates, companies can fill open positions more quickly, as they already have a pool of qualified individuals to draw from. When a role becomes live you’re already ahead of the game by having candidates you know and can immediately contact.

2. Cost saving: By pipelining, companies can reduce the cost of hiring by reducing the need to pay for advertising and other associated hiring costs. They can also reduce the opportunity cost of employee turnover by backfilling their roles as quickly as possible.

3. Better talent: Talent pipelining allows companies to identify and nurture potential candidates, which can lead to a higher quality of hires. By identifying candidates early on, companies can assess their skills and qualifications before they are even needed, which can ensure that they are a good fit for the company.

4. Diversify the talent pool: Pipelining allows companies to diversify their talent pool by identifying candidates from different backgrounds and experiences, this allows companies to be more adaptable to changes and diverse in their approach to problem-solving.

5. Branding: Talent pipelining also allows companies to build a positive reputation as an employer of choice among potential candidates. By consistently engaging with potential candidates and providing them with valuable information and opportunities, companies can build a strong relationship with them and attract top talent.

Overall, talent pipelining is a powerful recruitment strategy that can help companies save time and money, while also improving the quality of their hires. By identifying and nurturing potential candidates, companies can proactively build a pool of qualified candidates, reducing the time and resources needed to fill open positions.

If you have any questions on how your company would benefit from a talent pipelining recruitment strategy please reach out to us on

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