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How to choose a recruitment partner

When choosing a recruitment partner, it is important to have a long-term perspective. As a growth focused technology company, you will be recruiting a lot over the coming months and years so having partners who can go on the journey with you will pay dividends!

Here is what we would expect a strong potential recruitment partner to have, and how we would advise you qualify them:

Specialism - if you are recruiting for a Senior Account Executive selling Enterprise SaaS you want a recruiter who knows that world inside out. We of course would recommend Resst for that… but maybe we are biased 😉 Asking the headhunter about case studies and recent project work will help you understand where their specialism lies, and whether it is a good fit.

Access to Talent - you want to know what talent the headhunter has access to. Do they only use LinkedIn, job ads or do they have a data-driven database and network of off-market top talent? Do they leverage referrals? How would they entice top talent away for you?

How do they qualify candidates versus your requirements? - to save you time, you need recruitment partners who don’t try to shoehorn candidates in, but actually understand your requirements and qualify candidates hard and early so you are getting talent you want and need. The last thing you want is to waste hours of your time on candidates who look good on paper but don’t cut it when you speak to them. Ask a potential recruitment partner about their interview process, and how they qualify talent before they send you a CV!

Frictionless Process - as a leader your time is precious. One of the pieces of value a recruiter brings is to take the operational stresses of a recruitment process off of your plate, freeing up your time. Ask a potential recruitment partner how they manage a process cradle to grave, and how they enable as frictionless process as possible for you.

Trust – lastly, you need to trust the recruiter with your employer brand. They are representing you in the market and you need to know that your brand is in safe hands. A great recruiter reflects well on your company, and a bad one could tarnish it for a long time!

Here at Resst we pride ourselves on offering our clients the service they deserve. That is why so many of our clients are long-standing and we remain their recruitment partner of choice. If you are hiring currently, or gearing up for that next round of growth, please reach out to and see if we could be the right recruitment partner for you.

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