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A Round-Up of Last Week's Exciting Funding Rounds

As always in Tech there is a lot to celebrate! Here is Resst’s overview of some exciting funding rounds that took place last week!

FintechOS - $60M in Series B

In their own words: FintechOS is the operating system for financial products worldwide. FintechOS is a technology infrastructure that connects to your core systems and ecosystem services, and enables you to quickly create, iterate, and refine digital banking and insurance products.

Plenful - $17M in Series A

In their own words: pharmacy and healthcare operations automated. Optimize administrative work with our AI-powered workflow automation platform. Our solution maximizes operational efficiency for healthcare organizations, ensuring improved productivity and revenue capture.

Iris AI - €7.64M in Series A

In their own words: A comprehensive platform for all your research processing: Smart search and a wide range of smart filters, reading list analysis, auto-generated summaries, autonomous extraction and systematizing of data.

Careers Page:

EthonAI - 15M CHF in Series A

In their own words: The EthonAI Manufacturing Analytics System is a powerful software suite to achieve operational excellence at scale.

Valar Labs - $22M in Series A

In their own words: Our diagnostics use AI to interpret solid tumors, so physicians and patients can make evidence-based decisions about cancer treatments.

Zendata - $2M in Seed

In their own words: Maximise Data Security, Minimise Risk. Effortlessly Integrate Data Security, AI Governance & Privacy Solutions Across Your Entire Data Lifecycle.

Careers Page: -

Shipzero - €8M in Series A

In their own words: Our mission is to enable effective emissions reduction in global freight transportation. We help shippers, logistics service providers and carriers to manage transport emissions and facilitate their path to net-zero emissions with decision-focused information from our data-driven software-solution.

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