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A Round-Up of Last Week's Exciting Funding Rounds

As always in Tech there is a lot to celebrate! Here is Resst’s overview of some exciting funding rounds that took place last week! - $20M in Series A

In their own words: We are on a mission to transform work in customer service. We are building the world's leading customer service automation platform. Our mission: to improve the working lives of millions of people around the world.

HQ Location: Berlin

Founded in: 2016

Founded by: Reetu Kainulainen (CEO), Markus Rautio (CTO), Sarah Al Hussaini (COO) and Jaakko Pasanen (CSO).

PAVE (fka Trove) - $16M in Series A

In their own words: Plan, communicate, and benchmark your compensation in real-time. Pave allows you to make smarter comp decisions and eliminate spreadsheets, powered by real-time integrations with your HRIS, ATS, and Cap Table.

HQ Location: San Francisco

Founded in: 2019

Founded by: Matt Schulman (CEO)

Zephr - $8M in Series A

In their own words: Zephr helps the world’s leading media companies, brands and organisations to gear-up for the subscription economy. Businesses that use Zephr give visitors tailored digital journeys based on real data, leading to increases in subscriptions, improved ad yields and stronger, longer customer relationships.

HQ Location: London

Founded in: 2017

Founded by: James Henderson (CEO) and Chris Scott (CTO)

Careers Page:

LambdaTest - $6M in Series A

In their own words: LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross-browser testing platform designed to offer all website or web app testing needs to cloud infrastructure. Its goal is to empower developers and testers with a single integrated ecosystem wherein they can perform all their tests confidently.

HQ Location: San Francisco

Founded in: 2017

Founded by: Asad Khan (CEO) and Jay Singh (COO)

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