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A Round-Up of Last Week's Exciting Funding Rounds

As always in the SaaS and Tech space there is a lot to celebrate! Here is Resst’s overview of some exciting funding rounds that took place last week. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to follow us on Linkedin for more exciting updates about all things Tech and Talent!

MessageBird - $200M in Series C

In their own words: Since 2011, MessageBird has been connecting companies to their customers on billions of devices around the world... Today, over 15,000 global customers rely on MessageBird to solve their communication challenges by routing important messages and calls on their behalf.

Founded in 2011, as the CEO and Founder Robert Vis simply says “I just want to live in a world where I can text with a business and stop waiting on hold for Support, Marketing and Sales”, and that is vision which MessageBird are delivering for their clients.

In less than 10 years MessageBird has grown to over 300 employees with offices all around the world from Amsterdam to Singapore to San Francisco. With the latest $200M in Series C at a $3bn valuation, MessageBird have already come far in their journey and with over 25 live vacancies on their website this growth does not seem to be stopping any time soon!

Claravine - $5M in Series A

In their own words: The only end-to-end platform to standardize, govern, and connect data across every team, system, and channel... A trusted platform for digital campaign and content data management, backed by people committed to your success.

Since 2012 Claravine have been on a mission to help their customers ensure consistent, rich data capture so they have the insights they need to run winning market campaigns. With a number of leading companies using Claravine, this Series A will undoubtedly build upon the successes they already have had.

As organizations strive to become more data-driven (particularly for marketing purposes) Claravine seem well positioned to push forward and we are interested to see what is next for the team!

Shogun - $35M in Series B

In their own words: Shogun empowers brands to create unique ecommerce experiences by making it easy to build and optimize online stores.

Founded by Finbarr Taylor and Nick Raushenbush in 2015 this ecommerce technology company is built on the desire to help their clients create beautiful experiences online for their customers. By using the Shogun solution, their clients have been able to create more engaging, smoother, and faster e-commerce pages.

With ecommerce continuing to experience double-digit growth YoY, growth in technology companies in this area will continue to grow fast. With this recent Series B Shogun are certainly one to watch!

Unqork - $207M in Series C

In their own words: Unqork is a completely visual, no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than traditional approaches. All without a single line of code.

Founded in 2017 by Gary Hoberman (former CIO of MetLife) this no-code application platform had a tough start with Hoberman initially getting rejected by around 300 VCs for funding. Less than 4 years later Unqork are valued at $2bn, have a range of top-tier clients using their no-code application platform, and currently have over 70 live career openings worldwide at the time of writing!

With this huge Series C this is a very exciting time and we look forward to seeing what the next year will look like for the Unqork team!

Chargebee - $55M in Series F

In their own words: Subscription Billing & Revenue Operations for Fast-growth B2B SaaS. Get the operational sophistication to achieve, sustain, and scale recurring revenue.

Founded in 2011 by four friends - Rajaraman, KPS, Krish, and Thiyagu, in Chennai, India, this business has scaled globally with over 400 employees worldwide and growing with over 40 live vacancies at the time of writing! With the continued yearly rise of subscription-based businesses, Chargebee have a growing market to continue to penetrate further.

With over $90M in funding raised to date, Chargebee look to have an exciting future ahead of them and we definitely will be keeping a close eye on what is next for the team!

Yieldigo - €2M in Seed

In their own words: We make retailers' pricing predictable. Yieldigo price optimization platform equips retail pricing managers with predictability for strategic and daily pricing decisions

Founded in 2016 by David Klecka, Jiri Psota, and Radim Dudek, this Czechia headquartered start-up is striving to help their clients create pricing excellence in turn creating positive effects on both the top-line but also a positive image in the eyes of the end-customer.

As the effects of the continued rise of e-commerce and Covid are being felt in retail, it stands to reason that companies will be looking at technology such as Yieldigo to help optimise their pricing based on internal data, business intelligence and market insight. With the retail industry going through this transformation, we are interested to see how Yieldigo can help their new and existing customers on this journey!

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