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A Round-Up of Last Week's Exciting Funding Rounds

As always in Tech there is a lot to celebrate! Here is Resst’s overview of some exciting funding rounds that took place last week!

Synerise - $8.5M in Series B

In their own words: Cutting-edge AI-driven infrastructure tailored for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting behavioral data. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, we transform raw behavioral data into actionable intelligence, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Kvantify - Є10M in Seed

In their own words: We solve the toughest computational challenges by leveraging the power of quantum and high-performance computing.

Natcap - $10M in Series A

In their own words: natcap is the nature intelligence platform for your nature-positive reporting & action. Identify where you should prioritise your efforts, understand your nature impacts and dependencies, disclose to stakeholders and take action.

Eneida - Є10.5M in Series B

In their own words: Operational Analytics platform for the visibility, optimization and control of Low Voltage network.

Vida - $3M in Seed

In their own words: AI phone agents for business. Grow your business with AI phone agents that are smart, helpful, and available 24/7.

Prodia - $15M in Seed

In their own words: Add AI To Your App With One API. Everything you need in one dynamic image generation API.

Vortex IQ - £800k in Seed

In their own words: AI Automation Platform for eCommerce. Proactively diagnose, test and deploy actionable insights for improving Customer Lifetime Value.

LUPA Technology - $1.8M in Seed

In their own words: Success in Construction Claims & Disputes is Decided by Evidence.

Text, Drawings, Schedules - all in one place. The only tool for your entire workflow.

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