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A Round-Up of Last Week's Exciting Funding Rounds

As always in Tech there is a lot to celebrate! Here is Resst’s overview of some exciting funding rounds that took place last week!

Mistral AI - €468M in Series B

In their own words: Open and portable generative AI for devs and businesses. Our mission is to make frontier AI ubiquitous, and to provide tailor-made AI to all the builders.

Tenderd - $30M in Series A

In their own words: Analytics platform for effective and sustainable operations. AI Platform to convert data from any equipment into actionable insights which reduce cost, increase utilization and lower emissions.

FirmPilot - $7M in Series A

In their own words: the first AI Law Firm Marketing Engine that analyzes competing law firms to automatically create better online marketing that works and gets more cases for your firm.

Alexi - $11M in Series A

In their own words: Empowering Litigators with Industry-Grade AI. Alexi delivers accurate knowledge at lightning speed, to help litigators confidently forge a path forward for their clients.

CargoSense - $8M in Series A

In their own words: Simplify your supply chain operations with CargoSense. Oversee a million annual cold-chain parcel shipments to ensure on-time delivery and optimized speed.

BlinqIO - $5M in Seed

In their own words: BlinqIO is the first ever AI Test Engineer.

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